Monday, January 12, 2009

FREE SHIPPING TODAY! My Mom's Turning 70!

Today is my mom's 70th Birthday. So I thought I would let this little guy lead me in a fantastic rendition of Happy Birthday - feel free to sing along - jump in anytime!

No, seriously... My mom is absolutely wonderful and without a doubt one of the greatest gifts God has given me. She has always gone out of her way to help me, to offer advice (wanted or and to love me -unconditionally. And, as a matter of fact, she's a big help behind the scenes here at BabyOutfitter. She offers support preparing items for photographing and lovingly sews buttons, stitches hems, whatever needs mending. I love you, Mom - Happy Birthday!

So, in honor of her big day - we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any order you place today! This is a special offer and is available only to the those customers who subscribe to our blog or are on our newsletter/mailing list. The coupon code expires at midnight 12/13/09, so be sure to take advantage before then. You must either apply the code or mention it in the comments to be eligible for the discount to be applied to your order. See, it DOES pay to subscribe to the mailing list girls!

We have also added about 200 items and many of them are New with Tags! We managed to get our hands on some adorable brand new bathing suits for girls and various items for both boys and girls - all brand new with tags. So, be sure to check out the new additions in all sizes today and save on your shipping!

To redeem the FREE SHIPPING coupon, simply enter MOMS70 at checkout. It must be all caps and typed exactly as shown. Please note: the coupon code will be applied near the end of the process completion. If it does not apply for any reason, mention it in the comments and we will deduct it on our end.

Until Next Time,

The BabyOutfitter Team

The Flu Bug Hit Hard

Last month we were hit hard by a flu bug. This wasn't just ANY flu bug - certainly the worst one we've seen in years. It hit my father first and my mom, then my two year old, then me. It managed to then move onto my three older children and my spouse. Then, it hid out for a couple days and hit my sister and her family while they were on Christmas vacation. What a bummer!

After we were all done "getting sick" we still felt really weak and just sick to our stomachs for weeks after. This year was definitely the worst round of flu I have seen in my adult life. My father, who seemed to have brought it to share with the rest of us, was the only one in the family to receive the FLU SHOT. Hmmm....

We hope that you all managed to avoid getting sick this season. But, if you happened to fall ill with this pesky flu bug...we hope that you are soon on the mend and back to 100% soon!

We felt we should touch base with our customers and give a little insight as to why there wasn't a Day 12 of Holiday Deals last month, in case some of you felt you were left hanging in wait. We'll be sure to make it up to you all this stay tuned.

We had so much fun with all the contests and discounts and dealing with all of our new customers. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays with your loved ones and we sincerely hope that you have a wonderfully Happy New Year.

Until Next Time,
The BabyOutfitter Team