Friday, June 27, 2008

3 Days Left....

Only three days left before we make our big announcement!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Big Announcement Countdown!

We're starting our countdown to June 30th, when we'll make a major announcement to all of our shoppers! Stay tuned for more info.... you won't want to miss this news.

We've added over 150 new items to the site, you can check them out here

Friday, June 13, 2008

The newest thing isn't always the BEST thing! DVD vs. VHS

Several years ago when DVD's hit the scene, I started to worry that my huge collection of children's videos on VHS would soon be obsolete. So, just like many parents out there I'm sure, I decided to sell off all my videos at a huge loss at garage sales and such thinking no one is going to want these when then can buy DVDs - the newest and supposedly BEST thing.

Well, as a mom of four with two children under 5, I have come to realization that I goofed! I used VHS videos for years with my two older sons. They could easily operate the VCR and I don't believe I ever had a VHS tape damaged by them. However, after purchasing numerous DVDs in last several years and entrusting them (foolishly) to my daughter to playon the tv in her room - many turned up scratched, snapped in half and otherwise totally unusable.

Obviously, I have come to the conclusion that for preschool aged children, VHS tapes are the way to go. And, with other families selling off their children's videos for steal, VCRs for sale in retail chains for $20 or so, you can't go wrong. No need to worry about scratched and ruined dvd's...and you'll save tons of cash entertaining your child.

For those of you who have DVD players in your family car, I say...stick with the dvd's in the car and play the videos at home. DVD's will take up less space in your car and won't be warped by the heat. VHS tapes can easily be stored with you children's books and cost just pennies on the dollar compared to the DVDs.

We've added a number of children's video son VHS, from Pooh and other Disney Favorites to Dr. Seuss to Pokemon to Pandas! Some of them are still sealed in original packaging. For new babies, we even feature Baby Einstein Videos. Feel free to check out our Playtime section to browse through the newest additions.

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