Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reading with your children - Gently Used Books

Most of you already know BabyOutfitter is a great source for quality gently used children's clothing at afforable prices. But, did you know that we also offer gently used Children's books as well? We feel very strongly about reading to/with younger children. The benefits of spending one on one time with your children, learning and sharing about the stories is absolutely one of the best gifts you can give your children. Books are expensive - especially the trendy ones.

We have made it our mission as of late to pursue a greater selection of stories, characters and themes in our book department. We have focused on toddler tough carboard books for the younger kids and some wonderfully illustrated story books for the older ones.
Yesterday we posted over 25 gently used children's storybooks in amazing condition. You can check them out here We've priced them affordably - most of them are between $1.99-$3.49. Those are incredible savings over cover / retail prices.

With hectic schedules and dual income families, mom's are busy these days. Many of our books are shorter in length but still offer the same opportunity to share a book with your little cuddlebug. Give them a hug and read to them today!

Kate & Crew

Home Sweet Office

After about six months of moving pieces, shifting inventory, installing shelving and storage, we are finally ready to call our cute little office HOME. (Well, our home away from home I should say.)

We've had customers ask us if we are a home based business. Well that answer is - yes and no. I started nearly five years ago, running it out of my home and garage (storage area). Over the years, we've grown so much that operating the business out of my home was becoming more and more difficult. There were new additions, books, clothes, get the picture.

We decided that in order to continue to grow the business and maintain family sanity, the best move to make would be getting an office or similar facility to house the inventory and provide a decorating excuse we like to call "the office." So all in all it was a win/win. We found an office that was perfect for our needs less than a mile from the house...and I had a reason to shop for, dare I say, something besides baby items. (Insert Shocked Face Here)

Today I thought I would start a little tour of our facility with our front door. We thought it might be fun to share some more behind the scenes pictures and stories in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned....

Until next time -

Kate & Crew